A Random Beach Session...

While on vacation with my family in Panama City Beach this past July, I ran into my friend, Bobbie Sue, at the Pier Park. She asked me if I would be doing any beach sessions while I was down at the beach. I had not planned on it because I really did not know anyone that was going to be down there the same time that we would be there this year besides Hannah's teammates for the World Series. Anyway, she asked if I would do a beach session with her and her boys and I, of course, said absolutely. I managed to get a couple photo's of my girls too after the session. Now, the girls are not dressed in the usual attire for beach sessions, but any of you who know me, you know that I could care less. LOL... I am happy as long as I can periodically capture all 3 of them in the same frame. :)

Here are the girls...silly like always!

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Melanieshea said...

If you don't mind, please email me at melanieshea78@yahoo.com.
I have a few questions for you and didn't see an email address for you.
Love the beach pictures.