more babies...

Here are some from 2 more recent sessions...

This is little Dale. His mother,Renee, and I graduated high school together. I also had the opportunity to photograph Dale when he was just a newborn. I will post a few newborn shots along with his 1yr. pix, so you can see how much he as grown in just one year.


1yr. Birthday:

This is baby Katie, I graduated high school with her mother, Sally, too. It was really fun to photograph Katie. Sally wanted me to just come over and photograph Katie in their home and capture Katie in her everyday surroundings. By the way, Katie looks just like her mother!

Katie 6 months:

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... that LadyD! said...

hey Lori.... great photography!!!! I really have loved all that you have photographed. And Sally's baby is such a cutie!!!

Keep up the good work classmate!!!